I recently heard a great description of what it takes to be truly happy: living in a place that touches your soul, while doing work that touches your soul and being surrounded by people who touch your soul. I am blessed in all three areas. From the comfort of my home here on soulful Maui,  I have shared the intimacy of astrological consultations with wonderful, soulful people from all over the world, including Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Hawaii, South Africa, France, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, England, Scotland, Greece, Israel, Afghanistan, India, Singapore and Thailand, not to mention my own backyard and all over the US mainland. I honestly cannot thank any of you enough. Several have generously written testimonials, which are posted below.

Wow...first of all, thank you so very much for the reading. I just listened to it and I'm a bit emotional at this point (in a good way, trust me!) based on how absolutely spot on your reading was. You couldn't have told me more about myself if you'd known me all my life. Totally serious. There wasn't one thing that you said that didn't resonate with me, and I had at least a couple dozen Yes! and Aha! moments.

- Angela Wolf (Chicago, Illinois)

Oh my, Wow, wow, wow. The shivers are running up my spine, arms, everywhere. I am speechless...

- Jessica Leduc (Montreal, Canada)

Good news! I found the recording from our Twin Souls reading and it was WONDERFUL to hear it again -- so pertinent to my life right now once again.

- Caroline Dewey (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Tara's readings, combined with her remarkably extensive and intuitive knowledge, have been indispensable in helping me understand my life journey and soul purpose. "Discover Your Destiny" clarified my optimal path in this lifetime. "Twin Souls" illuminated the strengths and challenges my partner and I have and will face, making our relationship more easeful, entwined and enduring. But it was "Kundalini Activation" that revealed how I can achieve my life purpose and fulfill my natal trajectory. Understanding the larger serpentine constellations has directed me in my process and approach to multiple aspects of my life, allowing me to understand the emotional framework within which I can dig deeper in my interaction with others and myself. "Kundalini Activation," and Tara's guidance in general, will be invaluable for navigating your life and uncovering your truest soul.

- Corey Woodley (Varanasi, India)

I have tears in my eyes and my heart sighs an ancient joy. Gratitude is too small a word- for YOU, for the gifts from this reading. Yes! Yes! There is much here - all! - that I know or remember as Truth.

- Helen Quail (Glastonbury, Scotland)

You elevated my soul. You really did. Everything you said, everything had a meaning and related to a personal experience to confirm to my own self who I am. I'm grateful, really grateful for that. I hope you understand how gifted you are. Seriously, you have God's gift and you changed my world. You are blessed.

- Joss Gelinas (Alberta, Canada)

When I first got the StarDNA Activation reading by Tara I was so impressed, not only because all my questions were answered and I learned about my deep ancestry, but because I discovered and truly understood, for the first time ever, what my true purpose and destiny is. Everything suddenly made sense. Since then, Tara has been my mentor and guide on the road of self-discovery. She is very insightful and compassionate.

She is not only knowledgeable in her field, but also possesses the eyes and ears of a detective and is highly intuitive. She is a gift to the world! I would highly recommend Tara’s work to anybody who is thirsty to find a more purposeful and meaningful life. Thank you!

- Katerina McEnaney (Prague, The Czech Republic)

Just a little note to express my gratitude for the Tree of Life reading you gave me back in August. I have listened to it quite a few times now, and each time I "get" a new piece. You truly are a gifted reader and I feel blessed to have connected with you.

- Melody Bourne (Melbourne, Australia)

A friend of mine recommended Tara to me when I spoke of needing clarity. I was feeling a big intuitive block in my life and couldn't seem to get unstuck. This was a big deal for me as intuition is part of my career. The first thing that impressed me about Tara was her organization. She sent me a file with all of the information I needed in regards to my reading. When the reading began I felt like she was very accurate in describing my life and she helped me look at my strengths and learn how to use them effectively. She gave me a time period to expect this current transformation to last, which put me at ease almost immediately. What surprised me was how quickly I began to feel better. It was much more than a reading, it was healing for the soul. Her compassion and nurturing nature comes through in her work, and her intuition is spot on. I am so grateful to have her on my healing team.

- Annick, Juneau (New Orleans, Louisiana) www.oakhearttherapies.com

I've been following Tara’s work for many years now and I always felt it resonated a lot! I was particularly drawn to her astrological readings and wished I could have one for years! So, when a dear friend gave me one of Tara’s readings as a present last November, I was more than excited, and apparently, it was the right time for this to happen!

I'm saying this, because at the time I first contacted Tara to give her some info about myself necessary for the reading, I was NOT in a position to fully understand what would follow. It seems I needed even the time she took to intuitively "download" all the necessary info and have my reading ready. During that week I had a major breakthrough that was essential in order for me to fully grasp and accept her findings! Even one day earlier this would not have been the case, so I highly value the way we synchronized, because I'm certain this was not by accident!

The reading was very detailed and with much effort and time dedicated to it. It was made to be easily understood, but also with much information that revealed itself every time I read the presentation, which was in the form of a power point, complete with archetypal images, charts and maps. The presentation was full of AHA moments for me, moments of recognition, confirmation and of shedding a light of new understanding on old issues! It was amazing to finally know the reason behind so many things that were happening to me, or my feelings, my thoughts or even my dreams. Simply amazing!!!

Tara goes into deep symbolism, and analyses so many aspects! I don't think I can even begin to explain how it feels when you receive a reading that is so spot on, and with so much information to help you understand it! There wasn't a single point that didn't feel right to me. This knowledge gave me the confidence I needed to step into my destiny more fully, plus understand and embrace my weaknesses. It also provided me so many clues for further research.

After the reading Tara was very helpful with some explanations through e-mail, which helped me even more. I'd certainly go back to Tara for more of her services, and this is why I highly recommend her!!!

- Christiana Kanaki (Athens, Greece)

I Just read the description you wrote of "Michael's" death and of the meaning you were able to decipher from its timing. It brought me the same sense of peace at his passing that our conversations gave me during that very upsetting time - when I otherwise felt anything but peace, so unexpected was the whole turn of events. I know your astrological knowledge and intuitive ability will be a healing gift to others who find themselves similarly lost at the death of a loved one. Thank you so much!

- Renee Miller (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Tara, I wanted to thank you again for sharing your gift with me. We had never met until yesterday, but you knew me, my life, my sorrows and my loves. You gave me truth and validation which I desperately needed. Never, ever doubt what a truly gifted person you are! Our meeting is such a blessing to me. I look forward to seeing you soon. Thank You!!!

- Anna Accardo (Mandeville, Louisiana)

I appreciate your knowledge and heart's wisdom. Your work is a precious gift for humanity.

- Ulrike Schutz (Germany)

Wow, thank you só much for this Gift. (Thank you Universe for giving Tara this Gift to work with :-)) I listened to your reading several times today. Hearing new things every time. I'm so happy and grateful with this!! I like all the visual stuff you sent with it too, helps me a lot to understand better and to combine things.

- Ariette Loeffen (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

I cannot express how grateful I am. You are the first to unveil me to myself.

- Irene Vollenhoven (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

Tara's 12-Pointed Star reading was amazing. She verified a lot of things for me, such as my experiences as an empath. It also clarified certain issues and themes in my life. It helped me confirm that the things I experience are really a part of me and do not need to be ignored or removed. She also tapped into my Nordic ancestry with the chart and guided me to take up the Runes, which I have been interested in learning about for years. It was just the push I needed. She even suggested a mentor to me, and it ended up being a woman I had recently met and talked with about other spiritual interests. That connection gave me goosebumps! It was an amazing reading, and I look forward to trying some of her other services in the future.

- Sonnet Ireland (New Orleans, Louisiana) www.sites.google.com/site/thehypnoticlibrarian

Tara, thank you so much for your reading. Your voice, sensibility and care struck me right away. I have had my astrological chart read with different astrologers and systems through life, but I guess for the first time I felt the right on spot clues showing out. Makes sense to me very deep inside. By the way, you should record your readings and send them to people all over the world. You’re worth it! Believe me. I will recommend you to my friends who speak English. Tara, you were a blessing for me at this moment. Thank you for that!

- Paula Navarro (Brazil)

Thank you very much for this wonderful reading. It resonates a lot. A precious gift on this special day.

- Debora van Straaton (The Netherlands)

My daughter and I recently had a StarDNA Activation session with Tara Faulkner. She helped us explore our galactic origins, our past-life relationships to one another, the ancestral legacies we share and the family archetypes influencing the choices we make in the present.

I’m so glad we did it! The StarDNA process far surpasses anything I have ever had done! The experience has changed our lives and our relationship with one another. We have a deeper level of understanding between us now. There is an honor about us that wasn’t there previously. We are not so quick to jump to conclusions. As a mother/daughter relationship goes, I was considered the controller, and nothing my daughter did was right. Knowing what came before, I can see why she makes the choices she does now. Also, she understands why I am so protective of her. Best of all, she holds herself in more esteem than before.

There is something that clicks inside you when you see all the pieces fit together – the AHA moment when past grievances are understood as “of course, why would they be any other way!!" We’re both still processing everything and coming up with new insights daily!

- Rose Sedita (New Orleans, Louisiana)

I am blessed to have met you. And, I have listened to the Destiny Astrology reading you did for me a couple of times. You, my dear, are the one who has inspired me. I think I have "hung-on" to all of your words & it has really given me the courage to make some of the toughest decisions of my life. You are gifted & it is a pleasure to share your gift. Let me know when you write "your" book. I'll be the first to buy it. Truly!

- Petrina Ruiz (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Your reading was very intense. Thank you deeply. It is as if some puzzle pieces of my life came together, like an overview or bigger view from another perspective. It became so much clearer how intuitively I have lived my life and been guided on my path. This made me feel more secure within myself and somehow more independent. Amazing. I love your work. Hope to meet you one day.

- Bettina Hinderer (Munich, Germany)

OMG! At this moment I'm without words. Everything so connects with me, now I know why I do certain things, think certain ways or have certain knowledge, wisdom. I was crying, for real, Tara. Thank you from my heart for this fantastic reading. I will recommend you everywhere.

- Ana Zych (Jesenice, Slovakia)

Tara Faulkner PhD has been a colleague, motivator, mentor and most of all a true friend. I have had the absolute privilege of working with her for the past year. Our relationship started when Tara introduced "Soul Code" readings at our Metaphysical Fair and she remains a permanent fixture at our local Metaphysical Resource Center where she has expanded to teaching many topics related to astrology. Tara has assisted many with understanding their life's purpose. Her exquisite work with clients has them giving her rave reviews at our Center.

On a personal note, I had Tara complete my chart, which was one of the most informative readings I have ever experienced in my thirty plus years in the metaphysical industry. She thrives on assisting others to understand their soul's purpose. Tara was able to shed light on many of the questions I had, with answers that not only touched my heart, but assisted me in releasing many angers and fears. Tara also completed some evaluations on my family’s genetic testing through her StarDNA Activation process. I was able to go back and compare my deep and recent ancestry with my sister's. This process opened my eyes to the importance of my journey in this life. Tara is professional, courteous and full of enthusiasm when working with clients. I highly recommend a session with her if you are truly searching for answers about your life's purpose. I assure you things will be clearer when she finishes with you. Tara is an absolute blessing!

- Sid Patrick (Metairie, Louisiana) www.metaphysicalresourcecenter.com

Many blessings and gratitude. The reading that you shared with me was significant, discovering powerful meaning in my creation, and interesting connections. After many occasion of having astrologist readings, that was the clearest also to my mental mind.

- Homaya Amar (Jerusalem, Israel)

My first session with Tara was absolutely refreshing! Her explanation of my chart provided me with a map for my life purpose, complete with an outline of my talents, tools, and life lessons. In follow up sessions, she has helped me let go of the unnecessary stressors in my life and guided me to focus more of my time and attention on my destiny. I highly recommend Tara's Destiny Astrology Reading and Coaching to anyone looking for some clarity and a little peace of mind about their direction in life.

- Melanie Imbraguglio (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Thank you so much for the sharing of your profound wisdom and insights. And thank you for taking so much time to put together the package of charts, keynotes, maps, etc. It all rings profoundly true now, at this juncture in this lifetime after quite a few years now focused on developing spiritual wisdom.

- Brenda Barnes (Queensland, Australia)

I am amazed how accurate your reading feels. I have worked through a massive amount of karma and things best left unspoken of. And through it all I always blamed myself for being off the track. Your reading has shown me how on track I truly am! Thank you!

- Mariah Olsson (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Thank you for your lovely reading. It resonated a lot and helped make sense of what i'm doing and working towards. I really appreciate that you took the time to re-draw the individual shapes in the chart and to explain it to me.

- Daphne Charles (Singapore)

Thank you so much Tara. You are amazing :))) This was so joyful and so helpful. Your love energy is so present :))) Thank you for being you with all the heartfelt wisdom you have. It is right to the core and very helpful.
I had goosebumbs several times and a BIG smile.

- Berit Borte (Telemark, Norway)

Kindly do not interpret my delay in response as a lack of infinite gratefulness at your glorious game changer! I had a first look & listen around midnight yesterday, leaving me packed with emotions & feelings. Then this morning I was given the gift of stillness and sitting in silence only to have my body waltz out of the apartment and take a walk through the nearby park…coming to a place of deep sobbing, though not remembering the specifics of the trigger now, except that it had to do with the dots you had drawn and the energy of the (felt-marked) lines that connected the spaces & places in between. Thank you, thank you, thank you—so blessed, so honored, so privileged to know (of) you. To quote Paramahansa Yogananda: the little cells all are drinking, their tiny mouths all are shining…

- Martine Cant (Antwerp, Belgium)

I had my DNA Astrology Chart done by Tara Faulkner after attending one of her lectures on the subject. I was immediately impressed by the wisdom and insight that Tara embodies. She has the ability to steer and "crack open the doors,” so that the seeker can continue on the journey to their awakening. All done through activating the memory of their DNA. Subtle, yet profound work!

- Cindy Daigle (Mandeville, Louisiana) www.cindydaigle.org

Thank you Tara so much. Your reading truly did inspire me to take the leap. It was in perfect alignment with my knowing as well as other spiritual guides I have spoken with over the years. I will definitely refer you to others.

- Dawne Warner (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Probably more than four years ago, I first came across Tara's writings on an astrology site I used to frequently visit to pick from the Triple Goddess Tarot deck. She was the creative director of the site and used to write regularly about Destiny Astrology and Moon Cycles. At that point, I was still working in a hardcore corporate job and totally unaware of the immense potential of astrology as a tool to walk the path of our soul purpose and reach our highest potential. And Tara's writing were a like a soothing balm to my soul scorched from years spent in the corporate jungle.

After almost an year of reading her posts and yearning for closer contact with this evolved soul, I requested her to do a Tree of Life reading, focused on finding the tree of life in our chart and determining our raison d'etre in this lifetime. Tara's response was very warm and down to Earth. And I was totally blown away by her wisdom and generosity. In the reading, she included not one but three readings (including Goddess Astrology and Name Numerology) to provide me with a complete picture of my astrological birth chart and my soul purpose for this incarnation. And I was even more awe struck with her approach to astrology, focusing on the Archetypal Power of the heavenly bodies with deep insight on the highest potential that each placement brings to our chart.

- Megha Tara Sardana (Delhi, India)

Thank you for this beautiful reading! Listening to it was such an emotional and confirming experience for me. I'm just so amazed that you could decipher my chart so wonderfully. Everything just resonated with me in this reading. It's like I understand the big picture so much better now…

- Marjo Luoma (Finland)

If you only knew how grateful I am. The chart you created for me and your readings gave me the courage to write. Perhaps my mission is to share everything I have experienced.

- Christina Jacobbson (Gallivare, Sweden)