We live in a time of extraordinary opportunity and change, a time during which anything and everything is possible as long as we remember that we are each, in our own way, extraordinary. We each have our own unique contribution to make, our own destiny to fulfill – for our own sake and the greater good of all. With this in mind, it seems clear to me that the world doesn’t need more “successful” people, at least not in any conventional sense of the word. It needs us to answer the call of our souls, over and over again, on deeper and deeper levels. It needs us to fully develop the qualities of courage, compassion and clarity within ourselves in order to live our best lives, be of service to the world and help our species make the evolutionary leap that is required of us now as we face seemingly insurmountable obstacles at every turn. 

We can do this.

Twin Souls $95

There are special people in each of our lives whom we have known before. Some of them might even qualify as twin souls. There are a variety of astrological indicators in synastry and composite charts for this type of twinning that can help you understand the nature of your most important relationships, including possible past-life connections. The Love Cards provide significant clues, as well.

Discover Your Destiny $95

What part are you meant to play in the rapidly evolving story of our species? And where are you these days in the unfolding of your own personal Hero’s Journey? Have you been given a major wake up call but you’re feeling paralyzed by self-doubt or wondering how to proceed? With the tools of Destiny Astrology, I can help you answer these and other compelling questions.

Venus & YOU $95

Venus creates a 5-pointed star in the sky every 8 years. Each point represents the beginning of her passage through a series of 7 gates as she descends toward the Underworld, where she lingers for a time before beginning her ascent. Understanding where Venus was in her Underworld journey at the time of your birth shines a bright light into the caverns of your feminine soul.

Embracing Your Feeling Nature $95

Consciously feeling your feelings (both “positive” and “negative”) puts you on the fast track to living an authentic, whole-hearted life. This reading highlights your unique emotional style, with all its strengths and challenges, primarily by exploring the placement of your Moon, planetary bodies in the sign of Cancer, and the Cancerian 4th house, as well as lunar aspects and transits. 

Kundalini Activation $95

Behind the story told by the 12 constellations of modern astrology, lies a more potentially liberating version of your evolutionary journey. Reclaiming this story helps activate your Kundalini life force, untying karmic knots as we move through the celestial chakras located within the constellations Hydra, Draco, Ophiuchus, Serpens, Hydrus, & the Pleiades, plus North & South Nodes.

Rainbow Alchemy $95

Dorothy’s Yellow Brick Road to the Land of Oz is, perhaps, better understood as a “Rainbow Highway” to the Land of Us: the masculine and feminine principles in alchemical union. Your Sun/Moon aspects, especially as they relate to the Mercurial/Hermetic energy in your chart, highlight the process of transmuting your physical body into full-spectrum light, aka the Rainbow Body.  

Galactic Origins $95

Our ancestral roots go much deeper than Atlantis and Lemuria. To the extent we don't know our Galactic origins, we don't fully know who we are. Significant fixed star placements in your chart may indicate you have Galactic ancestry from places like the Pleiades, the Orion Nebula, Sirius, Vega, or even the Galactic Center. What you do with such information could change your life.

Past Lives & Soul Journeys $95

Of the countless lifetimes and interludes between lifetimes we have experienced prior to this incarnation, it seems 4 or 5  of the most relevant are highlighted in the astrological chart as the backdrop for our current adventures. This reading provides a glimpse into what may have come before in order to access significant resources that can be brought to bear upon one's present.

StarDNA Activation $95

Combining the new science of Ancestral DNA Mapping with the ancient metaphysics of Astrology, this pioneering process overlays ancestral markers with astrological indicators in order to shed light on issues of identity and destiny while activating previously dormant strands of DNA. (Note: This process can be done with or without your ancestral DNA results (through www.dnatribes.com).)

Magdalene-Isis Star $95

This reading is designed to help you explore and activate extremely ancient and powerful Divine Feminine energies in your life, by identifying and deciphering the 5-Pointed Star in your chart, especially as it relates to the Goddesses Isis, Magdalene, Aphrodite, Astarte, Ishtar, Innana, Kali, Sophia, Tara, Asherah, Freya, Oshun and, of course, Venus, plus their consorts.

Astrological Mediumship $95

Just as we choose the moment of our birth in order to establish a blueprint, in the form of our natal chart, which can later be decoded to help guide us toward our destinies, I believe we also choose the moment of our death, in order that others might decode its meaning, finding inspiration and comfort therein. Please see my blog, Astrological Mediumship, for more information.

Astro-Tarot $95

Each planet in your chart is associated with a particular card from the Minor Arcana of the Tarot, depending upon which decanate (10 degree increment) of the zodiacal wheel it happens to fall within. Your Sun, Moon and Ruling Planet can also be correlated with certain Major Arcana cards, combining elements of Astrology and Tarot in order to highlight the story of your life.

All in ONE $95

This is a very fun and empowering reading, synthesizing core insights from many of the world's most ancient divination systems. Included are your ruling planets in Western and Vedic Astrology, animal totem in Chinese Astrology, lunar tree in Celtic Astrology, Mayan soul code, soul number in Numerology, primary archetype in the Tarot and primary Love Card.

Mayan Soul Codes $95

Mayan Astrology is based on a very ancient calendrical system oriented around our Milky Way Galactic Center, which uses 20 Soul Codes and 13 numbers, repeating every 260 days in various combinations. Your particular Soul Code, determined by your birthday, month and year, goes straight to the heart of whatever questions you may have about your true identity and purpose in this life. 

New Planets & YOU $95

This reading takes a look at the 6 dwarf planets that have appeared on the astrological scene since 2005 (Haumea, Makemake, Eris, Chiron, Ceres, and the recently demoted Pluto), in order to understand how their presence is impacting your life, in the context of an evolutionary leap being catalyzed by our solar system's current alignment with the Galactic Center.

Gateway of Souls $95

There is an axis of uniquely transformative power in our galaxy, spanning the heavens like the trunk of giant Tree of Life. Its roots are embedded in the Galactic Center, while its uppermost branches are located in the constellation Orion/Osiris in the mysterious heart of the Orion Nebula. This reading explores your karmic relationship to this very potent Gateway of Souls.

Sword of Truth $95

The Sword of Truth is a powerful, triangular formation in your chart that, though typically hidden, can be discovered and deciphered. Its narrowest point indicates where you may need to take a courageous stand in your life, in order to see that justice prevails. The planetary bodies, houses, constellations and transits involved help flesh out the story of who, what, where, when and why.

Solar Return $95

Every year on your birthday the Sun returns to the exact place in the sky where it was on the day of your birth, by zodiacal sign and degree. The chart generated at that precise moment is your Solar Return chart, which, when deciphered, illuminates your soul's journey for the coming year. What better birthday gift to give yourself or a loved one at such an auspicious time?

Christ-Magdalene Stars $95

This reading is designed to help you explore possible karmic/past life connections to Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, as well as facilitating the alchemical marriage of Divine Masculine/Feminine energies within, by identifying and deciphering the overlapping 6 & 5-Pointed Stars in your chart, related to the Christ (Star of David) and the Magdalene (Star of Venus), respectively.

Wounded Healer $95

We suffer from PTSD as a species, for various reasons having to do with our shared, traumatic origins and developmental history. Within that context, we each carry our own version of a core wound, a primary, karmic knot, which when identified and unravelled, dismantles the basis for all subsequent wounding and unleashes the potential of the Wounded Healer archetype within.    

Relocation Astrology $95

At the moment of your birth, your birth chart, which is a blueprint of your soul, is imprinted upon the matrix of the earth. Its angular lines function as your own personal ley lines, identifying ground zero places of potential empowerment and healing, which can be accessed through historical research, shamanic journeying, past-life regression, pilgrimage and/or actual relocation.

Tree of Life $95

The midpoints between planets are rich and fertile ground because they blend the energies of the planets involved. When one planet in the chart is located at the midpoint of several planets, it forms the trunk of a Tree of Life whose branches and roots reach toward the heavens and anchor you to the earth, telling the story of your deepest longings and unique path to wholeness.

12-Pointed Star Chart $95

Everyone has a 12-pointed star in their astrological chart, made up of key planets, asteroids and fixed stars, all of which have deep, archetypal significance. I create a Power Point presentation illustrating each of the 12 points of your particular star, which can be used as a meditation tool to help you tap into the power of your primary archetypes and activate your full potential.  

Atlantis & Lemuria $95

The ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria are shrouded in mystery. Edgar Cayce provided important clues to past-life involvement in these two highly-advanced cultures, which are to be found in a person's astrological chart. Inspired by Cayce's insights, I can help you reconnect with the buried treasure and hidden potential of your Atlantean and/or Lemurian roots.